Cooler new positioning campaign 2023: Have a Cooler break!


Our mission to accomplish: getting people to see Ursus Cooler as the ultimate companion for their day-to-day breaks; to make them imagine sipping on a refreshing, alcohol-free drink that instantly uplifts their mood and adds some much-needed excitement to their daily routine. That's Ursus Cooler in a nutshell.
Therefore, our aim was to associate Ursus Cooler with the idea of being present and infusing more flavor into people's breaks.


Let's face it, when it comes to breaks at work, we often brush them off as insignificant, treating them as extra time to squeeze in more tasks or catch up on work. We fail to grasp the true essence of time-outs and remain glued to our screens, missing out on the wonderful moments that can unfold during those precious pauses.
Our story taps into the notion that people don't have to wait for something mind-blowing or extraordinary to happen in order to relish their breaks. Each break, no matter how ordinary, holds the potential to be something truly amazing if we live it to the absolute max. It's time to break free from the virtual chains and embrace the sheer awesomeness of every single break we get!

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